Rubber Industrial Hoses



MALCORP is the largest rubber industrial hose provider within the region with clients in Australia, Columbia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Iran, Mexico, Middle East & U.A.E, Nicaragua, Peru, U.S.A, and Venezuela. MALCORP has made a name within the market with its comprehensive range of high quality industrial hoses and its competitive pricing.


MALCORP supplies extrusion and mandrel types of industrial hoses which include:


• Compressor Air Hose
• Yellow Air Hose
• Black Water Hose
• Car Heater Hose
• Low Pressure Textile Braided Hose
• Low Pressure Hydraulic Oil Hose
Single Line Welding Hose
• Propane / Argon Gas Hose
• Twin Line Welding Hose
• Propane and Oxygen Hose
• Multi-Purpose Hose
• Oil Hose
• Air Brake Hose
• Fuel Hose
• Fire Reel Hose
• General Purpose Washdown
Food Delivery Hose
• Food Delivery & Suction Hose
• Straight Radiator Hose
• Protective Cover Hose
Sand Blasting Hose
• Oil Discharge Hose
• Oil Suction Hose
Water Discharge Hose
• Water Suction Hose
• Air-Con Gas Hose
• UHMWPE Food Grade Hose
• General Purpose Washdown Hose
Tank Truck Hose
• Marine Exhaust Hose
• Chemical Hose
• and more…


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