Rubber Profiles



Rubber profiles are used in weather stripping to seal doors, windows and trunks in the automotive industry. Rubber extrusions  /profiles have many applications like sealing, noise control, vibration control and decorative trim besides keeping rain water and dust from entering the vehicle cabin.

MALCORP provides a wide range of rubber extrusions / profiles including U-Channels, P-profiles and other unique shapes. The usage of EPDM rubber on the profiles assures high quality weather stripping for the automotive industry.


Types of rubber extrusions / profiles:

  • Hood seal
  • Cowl seal
  • Front window seal
  • Glass run channel
  • Sun roof seal
  • Rear vent window
  • Rear window seal
  • Trunk seal
  • Decorative edge trim
  • Door seals
  • Belt weatherstrip
  • vert seal


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